8 Things About Me – Metro Missy

Things you need to know about me

So I chose to do this blog predominately under an alias – Metro Missy, however I will be sharing aspects of my life with you guys so I feel like there are some facts you need to know about me first. Just so you get to know me a little bit.

  1. I am a brunette.
  1. I have dual nationality – I am an UK and US citizen.

I was brought up in the UK but always celebrating and embracing American culture/traditions – even as far as pronouncing particular words the American way despite having an English accent – you can imagine this led to a number of embarrassing moments as a child/early teenager.

  1. I love Politics and The Kardashians and that should be ok.

My undergraduate degree is Politics and I would still love to have a job that is more involved in politics or current affairs – rather than just moaning about the changes the government has made to primary education in the UK. But I also love love love ‘trash’ TV, in particular The Kardashians or any Real Housewives of…   Kyle Richards – I’m obsessed with your hair!

  1. If I’m given a soya hot chocolate, then we are golden.

I am lactose intolerant – I can tolerate quite a lot of milk (I eat too much chocolate and cheese).  But I’m not asking for soya to be one of those scenesters it just so my throat won’t feel itchy.  I will drink a hot chocolate, even if it is 42C outside.

  1. I was born in London but did not grow up there.

We moved up North when I was little to be closer to family however I spent a lot of time in London during school holidays and SW London will always be special to me.

  1. Give me a beach view over a mountainous view any day.

In fact, until recently I enjoyed the concrete jungle lifestyle more than any nature orientated view, however I now have a great selection of beaches right at my fingertips.

  1. I am interested in fashion and makeup – but you wouldn’t know it.

I love following and reading about fashion, new makeup looks or tutorials, however I will be dressed as simply as possible with maybe the most effort going into getting that winged liquid eyeliner perfect. Maybe a red lip if you’re lucky.

  1. I have a Postgraduate Degree in Primary Education.

Honestly, the hardest 10 months of my life. I am quite emotional and I like to sometimes exaggerate (so I am told) but this was honestly a tough almost-year…but I did it and I did it really well.


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